A note on enhanced gauge symmetries in M- and string theory

Sen, Ashoke (1997) A note on enhanced gauge symmetries in M- and string theory Journal of High Energy Physics, 1997 (9). No pp. given. ISSN 1126-6708

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Two different mechanisms exist in non-perturbative String/M- theory for enhanced SU(N) (SO(2N)) gauge symmetries. It can appear in type IIA string theory or M-theory near an AN−1 (DN) type singularity where membrnes wrapped around two cycles become massless, or it can appear due to coincident D-branes (and orientifold planes) where open strings stretched between D-branes become massless. In this paper we exhibit the relationship between these two mechanisms by displaying a configuration in M-theory, which, in one limit, can be regarded as membranes wrapped around two cycles with AN−1 (DN) type intersection matrix, and in another limit, can be regarded as open strings stretched between N Dirichlet 6-branes (in the presence of an orientifold plane).

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