Submission Guidelines

Submission of the document is restricted to the fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences.

We are currently not opening the repository for direct deposit of articles and metadata by Fellows. But this facility may be available later, when we have a stable and substantial repository.

Please submit your publications in peer-reviewed research journals not already in our list by any of the methods mentioned below.

Submit by email (bibliographic listing, and individual or a few articles only per message)

We will deposit your publications on your behalf into the repository. Please send electronic copies of your publications (PDF (preferred), Microsoft Word or TeX format) to Alternatively, if you have already made these publications available on a personal website send us the URL of the website and we will download and add all new publications (including full text not restricted by publisher's copyright) to the repository.

Submit lists and articles by post

If you do not find it convenient to use email to send your publications, please feel free to send your publication list and good photocopies of the articles by regular mail to the Academy office. We will take steps to add electronic copies to the repository (after checking copyright status).

Submit files in bulk on CD-ROM or USB pen drive

Please label the disk or drive clearly with your full name.

Submit files via ftp

Point your browser to, and log in with the user name and password which is provided to all the fellows.