Evolution of magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Chandramouli, G. V. R. ; Manoharan, P. T. (1999) Evolution of magnetic resonance spectroscopy Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, 65 (6). pp. 613-631. ISSN 0370-0046

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A review of magnetic resonance spectroscopy from its beginning to the current developments is presented. The phenomenological spin-Hamiltonian of nuclear magnetic resonance, the methods and constrains of high resolution NMR, evolution of Fourier transform NMR spectroscopy are presented. A brief introduction to 2D-FT NMR methods like COSY, NOESY and EXSY is given. Magnetic resonance imaging by 2D and 3D-FT NMR spectroscopy is described EPR spin-Hamiltonian the advantage of loop-gap resonators over the conventional cavity resonators are presented. The modern trends in EPR spectroscopy, its applications to biological systems, recent developments in EPR spectrocopy with the availability of fast computers and sophisticated EPR components including FT EPR spectrocopy, elelctron spin echoes, electron spin echo envelop modulation, and 2D-FT EPR spectrocopy are discussed. Electron-Zeeman resolved EPR spectrocopy, EPR imaging technique and in vivo EPR spectrocopy, electron-nuclear double resonance, Mossbauer and nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrocopies also find an expression in this report.

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Keywords:EPR; NMR; Spin Echo; FT EPR; FT NMR; ENDOR; MRI, ESEEM; EPR Imaging
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