Bose-condensate tunneling dynamics: Momentum-shortened pendulum with damping

Marino, I. ; Raghavan, S. ; Fantoni, S. ; Shenoy, S. R. ; Smerzi, A. (1999) Bose-condensate tunneling dynamics: Momentum-shortened pendulum with damping Physical Review A, 60 (1). pp. 487-493. ISSN 1050-2947

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Bose-Einstein condensates in a double-well trap, as well 3He-B baths connected by micropores, have been shown to exhibit Josephson-like tunneling phenomena. Unlike the superconductor Josephson junction of phase difference f that maps onto a rigid pendulum of energy cos(Φ), these systems map onto a momentum-shortened pendulum of energy -√ 1-pΦ2cos(Φ) and length -√ 1-pΦ2, where pΦ is a population imbalance between the wells/baths. We study here the effect of damping on the four distinct modes of the nonrigid pendulum, characterized by distinct temporal mean values, <Φ> and <pΦ>. Damping is shown to produce different decay trajectories to the final equilibrium Φ=0=pΦ state that are characteristic dynamic signatures of the initial oscillation modes. In particular, damping causes π-state oscillations with <Φ>=π to increase in amplitude and pass through phase-slip states, before equilibrating. Similar behavior has been seen in 3He-B experiments.

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