The effects of kinship and density on growth and metamorphosis of the bronze frog (Rana temporalis) tadpoles

Girish, S. ; Saidapur, S. K. (1999) The effects of kinship and density on growth and metamorphosis of the bronze frog (Rana temporalis) tadpoles Acta Ethologica, 2 (1). pp. 61-66. ISSN 1437-9546

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Five clutches of Rana temporalis eggs collected along a stream were reared separately until formation of Gosner stage 25 tadpoles. The effect of kinship and density was then studied by rearing ten siblings in 1 (sib 1) or 5 (sib 5) l water, and mixed rearing of ten tadpoles (2 from each of the 5 clutches) in 1 (mix 1) or 5 (mix 5) l water; each group replicated five times. In all the groups tadpoles showed a sigmoid growth curve. Both kinship and density interacted to affect mean proportions of individuals reaching metamorphic climax (MC), mean body mass, and size frequency at MC (day 79). The proportion of tadpoles reaching MC was highest in sib 5 (82%) followed by mix 5 (77%), sib 1 (73%), and mix 1 (64%) groups. Crowding plus mixing significantly lowered the median developmental stage mean body mass and broadened the spectrum of developmental stages or size classes at MC. The size difference of individuals at MC was inversely related to density of rearing. Frequency of different developmental stages was comparable in sib 1, sib 5, and mix 5 groups. Interestingly, small individuals were significantly greater in number in the mix 1 group compared to sib 1. The above findings suggest that genotypic heterogeneity in conjunction with crowding retards growth rate of tadpoles in comparison with those reared in a genetically homogenous (sib) environment. Further, they suggest that the adverse effect of mixed rearing is context dependent.

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Keywords:Growth Rate; Intraspecfic Competition; Metamorphosis; Siblings; 1987) Interactions between Woodhouse's Toad Tadpoles (bufo Woodhousii) of Mixed Sizes; Copeia 1987: 380; 386
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