Description of tadpose Rana temporalis from South India

Hiragond, N. C. ; Saidapur, S. K. (1999) Description of tadpose Rana temporalis from South India Current Science, 76 (3). pp. 442-445. ISSN 0011-3891

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The paper describes morphology and morphometry (total length, snout-vent length, internaral, inter- orbital, snout-naral distances etc.) of Rana temporalis tadpoles found in gently-flowing and still water bodies along the streams in the south-western ghats. The mouth is ventral, oral disc is large, teeth are blunt and devoid of cusps. The tadpoles are muddy green yellowish. In these tadpoles, the spiracle is single, sinistral and adnate with the body. The tail musculature is moderately developed. The dental formula is 2(2)/3(1). There are 2-3 rows of labial papillae. The oral features are well suited for grazing at the substratum, and to adhere to rocks against gentle water currents.

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