Tests of the left-right electroweak model at linear collider

Huitu, K. ; Maalampi, J. ; Pandita, P. N. ; Puolamaki, K. ; Raidal, M. ; Romanenko, N. (1999) Tests of the left-right electroweak model at linear collider Arxiv-eprints . pp. 667-688.

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Official URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/9912405


The left-right model is a gauge theory of electroweak interactions based on the gauge symmetry SU(2)R . The main motivations for this model are that it gives an explanation for the parity violation of weak interactions, provides a mechanism (see-saw) for generating neutrino masses, and has B-L as a gauge symmetry. The quark-lepton symmetry in weak interactions is also maintained in this theory. The model has many predictions one can directly test at a TeV-scale linear collider. We will consider here two processes (e,e→ q, q, barQ, barQ and e,e ->μ , ν , q, barQ) testing the lepton flavour violation predicted by the model. We will also discuss constraints on supersymmetric versions of the model.

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