Brane waves, Yang-Mills theories and causality

Das, Sumit R. (1999) Brane waves, Yang-Mills theories and causality Journal of High Energy Physics, 1999 (2). No pp. given. ISSN 1126-6708

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We provide evidence for the validity of AdS/CFT correspondence in the Coulomb branch by comparing the Yang-Mills effective action with the potential between waves on two separated test 3-branes in the presence of a large number of other 3-branes. For constant gauge fields excited on the branes, this requires that the supergravity potential in a AdS5 × S5 background is the same as that in flat space, despite the fact that both propagators and couplings of some relevant supergravity modes are different. We show that this is indeed true, due to a subtle cancellation. With time-dependent gauge fields on the test branes, the potential is sensitive to retardation effects of causal propagation in the bulk. We argue that this is reflected in higher derivative (acceleration) terms in the Yang-Mills effective action. We show that for two 3-branes separated in flat space the structure of lowest order acceleration terms is in agreement with supergravity expectations.

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Keywords:D-branes; Black Holes in String Theory
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