Fabrication and evaluation of 1 Ah silver/metal hydride cells

Rodrigues, S. ; Munichandraiah, N. ; Shukla, A. K. (1999) Fabrication and evaluation of 1 Ah silver/metal hydride cells Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 29 (11). pp. 1285-1289. ISSN 0021-891X

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Silver/metal hydride (Ag/MH) cells of about 1 Ah capacity have been fabricated and their discharge characteristics at different rates of discharge, faradaic efficiency, cycle life and a.c. impedance have been evaluated. These cells comprise metal-hydride electrodes prepared by employing ~60 μm powder of an AB2-Laves phase alloy of nominal composition Zr0.5Ti0.5V0.6Cr0.2Ni1.2 with PTFE binder on a nickel-mesh substrate as the negative plates and commercial-grade silver electrodes as the positive plates. The cells are positive limited and exhibit two distinct voltage plateaus characteristic of two-step reduction of AgO to Ag during their low rates of discharge between C/20 and C/10. This feature is, however, absent when the cells are discharged at C/5 rate. On charging the cells to 100% of their capacity, the faradaic efficiency is found to be 100%. The impedance of the Ag/MH cell is essentially due to the impedance of the silver electrodes, since MH electrodes offer negligible impedance. The cells may be subjected to a large number of charge-discharge cycles with little deterioration.

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Keywords:AB2 Alloy; Cell Discharge Capacity; Hydrogen Storage Alloy; Impedance; Silver; Metal-hydride Cell
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