An experiment to investigate the existence of charged particles of mass ~550 me

Prasad, N. Durga ; Menon, M. G. K. ; Sharma, O. P. (1959) An experiment to investigate the existence of charged particles of mass ~550 me IL Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965), 14 (6). pp. 1332-1341.

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Evidence suggesting the existence of charged particles of mass ~550 me has been reported by Alikhanian, Sostakovic, Dadaian, Fedorov and Deriagin. A search has been made for these particles in a photographic emulsion stack exposed for five months at an altitude of 11 000 ft, λ= 24° N at Khillanmarg (Kashmir). The central plate of the stack was scanned for all tracks, with dip angles <45°, due to particle’s brought to rest within it. A total of 5790 tracks was obtained in this scan. Of these tracks, 2613 were due to particles, with ranges <5 mm, emerging from nuclear disintegrations; these were not considered further. Mass measurements were carried out on the remaining 3177 tracks by the grain density vs. residual range method; the range interval involved is (3÷40) g/cm2. The 3177 tracks investigated were found to be due to 1018 μ-mesons, 168 π-mesons and 1991 particles of mass ≥850 me. No particle with a mass estimated to be between 390 me and 850 me has been observed. Five such particles are to be expected on the abundance of ~½ % compared to μ-mesons (in the same range interval) quoted by Alikhanian et al. The question of the existence of such particles is discussed in the light of this and other experiments.

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