Targeting modulation of noradrenalin release in the brain for amelioration of REMS loss-associated effects

Mallick, Birendra Nath ; Singh, Abhishek (2015) Targeting modulation of noradrenalin release in the brain for amelioration of REMS loss-associated effects Journal of Translational Internal Medicine, 3 (1). pp. 8-16. ISSN 2224-4018

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Rapid eye movement sleep (REMS) loss affects most of the physiological processes, and it has been proposed that REMS maintains normal physiological processes. Changes in cultural, social, personal traits and life-style severely affect the amount and pattern of sleep, including REMS, which then manifests symptoms in animals, including humans. The effects may vary from simple fatigue and irritability to severe patho-physiological and behavioral deficits such as cognitive and behavioral dysfunctions. It has been a challenge to identify a molecule(s) that may have a potential for treating REMS loss-associated symptoms, which are very diverse. For decades, the critical role of locus coeruleus neurons in regulating REMS has been known, which has further been supported by the fact that the noradrenalin (NA) level is elevated in the brain after REMS loss. In this review, we have collected evidence from the published literature, including those from this laboratory, and argue that factors that affect REMS and vice versa modulate the level of a common molecule, the NA. Further, NA is known to affect the physiological processes affected by REMS loss. Therefore, we propose that modulation of the level of NA in the brain may be targeted for treating REMS loss-related symptoms. Further, we also argue that among the various ways to affect the release of NAlevel, targeting α2 adrenoceptor autoreceptor on the pre-synaptic terminal may be the better option for ameliorating REMS loss-associated symptoms.

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Keywords:Adrenoceptors; Locus Coeruleus; Prazosin; Pre- and Postsynaptic Adrenoceptors; REMS Deprivation
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