1-aza-15-crown-5 functionalized graphene oxide for 2D graphene-based Li+-ion conductor

Banerjee, Moutusi ; Gupta, Abhisek ; Saha, Shyamal K. ; Chakravorty, Dipankar (2015) 1-aza-15-crown-5 functionalized graphene oxide for 2D graphene-based Li+-ion conductor Small, 11 (28). pp. 3451-3457. ISSN 1613-6810

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Attachment of Li+ ion on graphene surface to realize Li+-ion conductor is a real challenge because of the weak interaction between the ions and the functional groups of graphene oxide; although, a large number of theoretical results are already available in the literature. To overcome this problem, graphene oxide is functionalized by 1-aza-15-crown-5, the cage-like structure containing four oxygens that can bind Li+ ion through electrostatic interaction. Li+ migration on graphene surface has been investigated using ac relaxation mechanism. Perfect Debye-type relaxation behavior with β (relaxation exponent) value ≈1 resulting from single ion is observed. The activation energy of Li+ migration arising due to cation-π interaction is found to be 0.37 eV, which agrees well with recently reported theoretical value. It is believed that this study will help to design isolated ion conductors for Li+-ion battery.

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Keywords:Debye-type Relaxation; Graphene; Graphene Oxide; Ionic Conductors
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