Estimation of composite damage model parameters using spectral finite element and neural network

Garg, A. K. ; Roy, Mahapatra D. ; Suresh, S. ; Gopalakrishnan, S. ; Omkar, S. N. (2004) Estimation of composite damage model parameters using spectral finite element and neural network Composites Science and Technology, 64 (16). pp. 2477-2493. ISSN 0266-3538

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A multi-layer perceptron (MLP) network using error back propagation algorithm is employed in this paper to estimate the damage parameters from broad-band spectral data as diagnostic signal. Various existing models of damage in laminated composite and the resulting stiffness degradation are discussed from comparative view-point. Degradation of ply properties can be considered to be one of the damage model parameters while monitoring transverse matrix cracks in cross-ply, splitting in longitudinal ply, and evolution of consecutive stages of damage, such as delaminations and fiber fracture. The stiffness degradation factor, the location and size of the damaged zone in laminated composite beam are considered as damage model parameters in the present paper. Fourier spectral data, which is typical to most of the diagnostic wave measurements, are used as input to the neural network. Since, training the neural network in such case involves many data sets and all of these data are difficult to generate using experiments, a spectral finite element model (SFEM) with embedded degraded zone in laminated composite beam is developed. Numerical simulation using this element is carried out, which shows the nature of temporal signal that are likely to be measured. Analytical studies on the performance of the neural network are presented based on numerically simulated data. Effect of measurement noise on the network performance is also reported.

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