A spectral finite element for analysis of wave propagation in uniform composite tubes

Mahapatra, Roy D. ; Gopalakrishnan, S. (2003) A spectral finite element for analysis of wave propagation in uniform composite tubes Journal of Sound and Vibration, 268 (3). pp. 429-463. ISSN 0022-460X

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A spectral finite element model (SFEM) for analysis of coupled broadband wave propagation in composite tubular structure is presented. Wave motions in terms of three translational and three rotational degrees of freedom at tube cross-section are considered based on first order shear flexible cylindrical bending, torsion and secondary warping. Solutions are obtained in wavenumber space by solving the coupled wave equation in 3-D. An efficient and fully automated computational strategy is developed to obtain the wavenumbers of coupled wave modes, spectral element shape function, strain–displacement matrix and the exact dynamic stiffness matrix. The formulation emphasizes on a compact matrix methodology to handle large-scale computational model of built-up network of such cylindrical waveguides. Thickness and frequency limits for application of the element is discussed. Performance of the element is compared with analytical solution based on membrane shell kinematics. A map of the distribution of vibrational modes in wavelength and time scales is presented. Effect of fiber angle on natural frequencies, phase and group dispersions are also discussed. Numerical simulations show the ease with which dynamic responses can be obtained efficiently. Parametric studies on a clamped–free graphite–epoxy composite tube under short-impulse load are carried out to obtain the effect of various composite configurations and tube geometries on the response.

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