Comparison of liposome based antigen delivery systems for protection against Leishmania donovani

Bhowmick, Swati ; Mazumdar, Tuhina ; Sinha, Roma ; Ali, Nahid (2010) Comparison of liposome based antigen delivery systems for protection against Leishmania donovani Journal of Controlled Release, 141 (2). pp. 199-207. ISSN 0168-3659

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Liposomes have been widely exploited as antigen delivery systems for a variety of diseases including leishmaniasis. These vesicles can be prepared in various ways which may affect the immunogenicity of the encapsulated antigens. In this study we compared the vaccine potentiality of three cationic formulations with Leishmania donovani promastigote membrane antigens (LAg) and the best vesicle was evaluated for long-term protection against experimental visceral leishmaniasis. We immunized mice with LAg encapsulated in multilamellar vesicles (MLV), dehydration–rehydration vesicles (DRV) and reverse-phase evaporation vesicles (REV) and challenged them with parasites ten days after vaccination. LAg in MLV or DRV induced almost complete protection, while LAg alone or entrapped in REV exhibited partial resistance. Protection observed with antigen incorporated MLV or DRV was predominantly Th1 as evidenced by elicitation of significantly high DTH, IgG2a antibodies and IFN-γ. MLV encapsulated LAg demonstrated durable cell-mediated immunity and mice challenged ten weeks after vaccination could also resist experimental challenge strongly. Field trials of L. donovani vaccine were unsatisfactory mainly due to lack of an appropriate adjuvant. Cationic MLV when used as adjuvant with protein antigens induced sustained Th1 immunity. Adjuvant potential of cationic MLV can be utilized to design subunit vaccines.

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Keywords:Visceral Leishmaniasis; Antigen Delivery Vesicles; Cationic Liposomes; Protein Antigen; Long-term Immunity
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