Sequence specificity of Z-DNA formation in oligonucleotides

Kadalayil, L. P. ; Mishra, R. K. ; Brahmachari, S. K. ; Majumder, K. (1988) Sequence specificity of Z-DNA formation in oligonucleotides Biochemistry International, 17 (1). pp. 121-131. ISSN 0158-5231

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The sequence specific requirement for B----Z transition in solution was examined in d(CGTGCGCACG), d(CGTACGTACG), d(ACGTACGT) in presence of various Z-inducing factors. Conformational studies show that inspite of the alternating nature of purines and pyrimidines, the aforementioned sequences do not undergo B----Z transition under the influence of NaCl, hexamine cobalt chloride and ethanol. A comparison with the crystal structures of an assorted array of purine and pyrimidine sequences show that the sequence requirement for B----Z transition is much more stringent in solution as compared to the solid state. The disruptive influence of AT base pairs in B to Z transition is discussed.

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