On stable parallelizability of flag manifolds

Sankaran, P. ; Zvengrowski, P. (1986) On stable parallelizability of flag manifolds Pacific-Asian Journal of Mathematics, 122 (2). pp. 455-458. ISSN 0973-5240

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It was shown by Trew and Zvengrowski that the only Grassmann manifolds that are stably parallelizable as real manifolds are G1(F2),G1(R4)≅G3(R4), and G7(R8)) where F= R, C, or H, the case F=R having also been previously treated by several author. In this paper we solve the more general question of stable parallelizability of F-flag manifolds, F=R, C, or H. Only elementary vector bundle concepts are used. The real case han also been recently solved by KorbaI using Stiefel-Whitney classes.

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