Band structure of InGaP from pressure experiments

Hakki, B. W. ; Jayaraman, A. ; Kim, C. K. (1970) Band structure of InGaP from pressure experiments Journal of Applied Physics, 41 (13). pp. 5291-5296. ISSN 0021-8979

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Positive identification of the Γ and X conduction‐band minima in InGaP has been made by performing hydrostatic‐pressure experiments on forward‐biased p‐n junction diodes. The Γ and X valleys are coincident in energy at a composition of In0.37Ga0.63P, and the corresponding bandgap is (2.17±0.02) eV at 300°K. The indirect bandgap EX in InP is inferred from the measurements to be 2.0 eV at 300°K. In addition, the pressure coefficients of the direct and indirect bandgaps, ∂EΓ∕∂P and ∂EX∕∂P, respectively, have been measured at various In(1−x)GaxP compositions. For InP, ∂EΓ∕∂P is 8.7×10−3 eV∕kbar and this coefficient increases to 13×10−3 eV∕kbar for compositions close to In0.5Ga0.5P. On the other hand, ∂EX∕∂P = −1.25×10−3 eV∕kbar for GaP and shows little change for compositions in the range 0.4<x<1. The deformation potential is 5.7 eV for the Γ valley in InP, and increases to about 9 eV for direct bandgap ternary compositions.

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