Some mixed-ligand complexes of copper(II)

Balundgi, R. H. ; Chakravorty, A. (1973) Some mixed-ligand complexes of copper(II) Inorganic Chemistry, 12 (5). pp. 981-985. ISSN 0020-1669

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Bis(salicybidehydato) copper(II), (sal)2Cu, reacts with 1 mol of the amine H2;NCH2,CH2,NR2, to give rise to complexes of formula (sal)(salNR2)Cu where salNR2, is the Schiff base derived from sal and H2;NCH2,CH2,NR2,. Similar reactions also occur with bis(2-hydroxyacetophenonato)copper(II). The mixed.ligand complexes are characterized using analytical. infrared, and molecular weight data. They have normal magnetic moments. On the basis of electronic spectra it is suggested that they have pentacoordinated geometry. When these mixed-ligand complexes are treated with HCI or HBr. the biden-tate moiety (e.g., sal) is replaced by halide ion: the resultant complexes being planar. A mechanism for this reaction is suggested. From the halide, the corresponding nitrate and perchlorate can be obtained by double decomposition. The probable structures of these species are discussed In the light of conductivity, infrared, magnetic, and electronic spectral data.

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