Thermodynamic properties of Cr-Mo solid alloys

Jacob, K. T. ; Kumar, B. V. (1986) Thermodynamic properties of Cr-Mo solid alloys Zeitschrift für Metallkunde, 77 . pp. 207-212. ISSN 0044-3093

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The activity of Cr in solid Cr-Mo alloys has been measured at 1873 K using a metal-oxide-gas equilibrium technique. Thin foils of Mo were equilibrated with solid Cr203 under flowing gas mixtures of argon, hydrogen and watervapourof known composition. The equilibrium concentration of Cr in Mo was determined by chemical analysis. These measurements indicate positive deviations from Raoult's law. The activity data obtained in the study at 1873 K are combined with free energy of mixing at 1471 K, calorimetric enthalpy of mixing at 1673 K, and experimental evidence of phase separation at lower temperatures, reported in the literature, to obtain an optimised set of thermodynamic parameters for the Cr-Mosystem in the solid state.

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