Knudsen effusion measurements on Cr--Mn alloys

Jacob, K. T. (1985) Knudsen effusion measurements on Cr--Mn alloys Zeitschrift für Metallkunde, 76 (6). pp. 415-419. ISSN 0044-3093

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The equilibrium partial pressures of Mn over bcc Cr--Mn alloys have been measured using Knudsen cell technique in the temp. range 1200-1500K. The alloys in particulate form were contained in thoria crucibles inside Knudsen cells made of tungsten. The rates of mass loss of each cell under vacuum was monitered as a function of time at constant temp. using a microbalance. Activities exhibit mild negative deviations from Raoult's law, contrary to indications from an earlier study using a fused salt emf technique. The Cr--Mn system is characterized by negative enthalpy and excess entropy of mixing. There is close similarity between the composition dependence of enthalpy and excess entropy. These findings suggest strong vibrational and negligible magnetic contributions to excess entropy of mixing in bcc phase at high temp.

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