Gibbs energy of formation of lead titanate

Shim, W. W. ; Jacob, K. T. (1982) Gibbs energy of formation of lead titanate Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 21 (2). pp. 171-177. ISSN 0008-4433

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The Gibbs energy of formation of titania-saturated lead titanate has been determined by e.m.f. measurements on the solid state cell; Pt,Ir,Pb + Pb1−xTiO3−x + TiO2(rutile)/CaO-ZrO2/Ni + NiO,Pt in the temperature range 1075–1350 K. The results obtained are significantly different from those reported in the literature based upon vapour pressure measurements, employing Knudsen effusion and transportation techniques, and assuming that the vapor phase consisted entirely of monomeric PbO molecules. A reanalysis of the data obtained in the earlier vapor pressure studies using mass spectrometric measurements on polymeric PbO species in the gas phase, gives Gibbs energies of formation of lead titanate which are in better agreement with those obtained in this study. Earlier electrochemical measurements by Mehrotra et al. and more recent electrochemical measurements by Schmahl et al. both employing CaO-ZrO2 solid electrolytes are in good agreement with the present study. The electro-chemical measurements by Schmahl et al. using PbF 2 solid electrolyte give a slightly more positive Gibbs energy of formation. There was no evidence supporting the formation of compounds other than Pb1−xTiO3−x from yellow PbO and rutile form of TiO2 in the temperature range covered in this study.

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