Revision of thermodynamic data on MnO Al2O3 melts

Jacob, K. T. (1981) Revision of thermodynamic data on MnO Al2O3 melts Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 20 (1). pp. 89-92. ISSN 0008-4433

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The high temperature region of the MnO-A1203 phase diagram has been redetermined to resolve some discrepancies reported in the literature regarding the melting behaviour of MnA104. This spinel was found to melt congruently at 2108 (+ 15) K. Theactivity of MnOin MnO-Al03 meltsand in the two phase regions, melt + MnAl04 and MnAl2O4 + A1203, has been determined by measuring the manganese concentration in platinum foils in equilibrium under controlled oxygen potentials. The activity of MnO obtained in this study for MnO Al2O3 melts is in fair agreement with the results of Sharma and Richardson.However. the alumina-rich melt is found to be in equilibrium with MnAl,04 rather than Al2O3. as suggested by MnO Al2O3 two phaseregion permits a rigorous application of the Gibbs-Duhem equation for calculating the activity of A1203 and the integral Gibbs' energy of mixing of MnO-A1203 melts, which are significantly different from those reported in the literature.

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