Vapor pressure and thermodynamic properties of MgIn2O4

Valderrama, J. -N. ; Jacob, K. T. (1978) Vapor pressure and thermodynamic properties of MgIn2O4 Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 40 (6). pp. 993-997. ISSN 0022-1902

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The vapor pressure of pure indium, and the sum of the pressures of (In) and (In2O) species over the condensed phase mixture {In} + 〈MgIn2O4〉 + 〈MgO〉, have been measured by the Knudsen effusion technique in the temperature range 1095–1350 K. The materials under study were contained in a zirconia crucible, which had a Knudsen orifice along the vertical wall. The major vapor species over the condensed phase mixture were identified as (In) and (In2O) using a mass-spectrometer. The vapor pressure of (In2O) corresponding to the reaction, 4 {In} +(MgIn2O4)→(MgO)+3(In2O) was deduced from the experimental results; log p=−13.600⁄T+7.62(±0.03) atm The standard free energy of formation of the inverse spinel 〈MgIn2O4〉 from its component oxides, is given by, (Mgo)+(In2O3)→(MgIn2O4) δG°=−6190+0.06T (±400)cal The entropy of transformation of 〈In2O3〉 from the C rare-earth structure to the corundum structure is evaluated from the measured entropy of formation of (MgIn2O4) and a semi-empirical correlation for the entropy of formation of spinel phases from component oxides with rock-salt and corundum structures.

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