An improved method for calculating activities from distribution equilibria

Jacob, K. T. ; Jeffes, J. H. E. (1972) An improved method for calculating activities from distribution equilibria High Temperatures - High Pressures, 4 . pp. 177-182. ISSN 0018-1544

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The method of Gibbs-Duhem integration suggested by Speiser et al. has been modified to derive activities from distribution equilibria. It is shown that, in general, the activities of components in melts with a common anion can be calculated, without using their standard Gibbs energies of formation, from eqUilibrium ratios and the knowledge of activities in the metal phase. Moreover, if systems are so chosen that the concentration of one element in the metal phase lies in the Henry's law region (less than 1 %), information on activities in the metal phase is not required. Conversely, activities of elements in an alloy can be readily calculated from equilibrium distribution ratios alone, if the salt phase in equilibrium contains very small amounts of one element. Application of the method is illustrated using distribution ratios from the literature on AgCI-CuCI, AgBr-CuBr, and CuDo.5 -PbD systems. The results indicate that covalent bonding and van der Waals repulsive interactions in certain types of fused salt melts can significantly affect the thermodynamic properties of mixing.

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