One-, two-, and three-particle distributions in pp collisions at 205 GeV/c

Kafka, T. ; Engelmann, R. ; Godbole, R. ; Hanlon, J. ; Pratap, M. ; Wahl, H. ; Singer, R. ; Cho, Y. ; Fields, T. ; Hyman, L. G. ; Voyvodic, L. ; Walker, R. ; Whitmore, J. (1977) One-, two-, and three-particle distributions in pp collisions at 205 GeV/c Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 16 (5). pp. 1261-1293. ISSN 1550-7998

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Results of a Fermilab experiment using the 30-in. hydrogen bubble chamber are reported, with the main emphasis on pion production in the central region. Single-particle inclusive and semi-inclusive distributions in rapidity, Feynman x, and pT2 for both π- and π+ are presented and compared with results of other experiments. Two-particle distributions are investigated using the correlation-function formalism. The relation between inclusive and semi-inclusive correlation functions is discussed. The semi-inclusive correlation functions in rapidity are found to have short-range character compatible with the ideas of independent-cluster-emission models. Evidence for effects due to Bose-Einstein statistics of like particles is found by comparing the joint correlation function in rapidity and azimuthal angle, as well as the charged multiplicity associated with transverse momentum in the like- and unlike-charge combinations. Data on the average associated transverse momentum are also presented. The inclusive and semi-inclusive three-particle distributions are presented for all charge combinations. The inclusive three-particle correlations are found to be small for events with more than four particles in the final state. Two independent ways were found in which three-particle densities can be expressed in terms of one- and two-particle densities.

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