Les Houches "Physics at TeV Colliders 2003" Beyond the Standard Model working group

Allanach, B. C. ; Aranda, A. ; Baer, H. ; Balazs, C. ; Godbole, R. M. ; et., al (2004) Les Houches "Physics at TeV Colliders 2003" Beyond the Standard Model working group Arxiv-eprints . pp. 1-119.

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The work contained herein constitutes a report of the "Beyond the Standard Model" working group for the Workshop "Physics at TeV Colliders", Les Houches, France, 26 May-6 June, 2003. The research presented is original, and was performed specifically for the workshop. Tools for calculations in the minimal supersymmetric standard model are presented, including a comparison of the dark matter relic density predicted by public codes. Reconstruction of supersymmetric particle masses at the LHC and a future linear collider facility is examined. Less orthodox supersymmetric signals such as non-pointing photons and Rparity violating signals are studied. Features of extra dimensional models are examined next, includingmeasurement strategies for radions and Higgs', as well as the virtual effects of Kaluza Klein modes of gluons. An LHC search strategy for a heavy top found in many little Higgs model is presented and finally, there is an update on LHC Z' studies.

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