BV CCD photometry of five young Large Magellanic Cloud star clusters

Sagar, R. ; Richtler, T. ; de Boer, K. S. (1991) BV CCD photometry of five young Large Magellanic Cloud star clusters Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 90 (3). pp. 387-436. ISSN 0365-0138

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BV CCD data are presented for the young star clusters NGC 1711, 2004, 2100, 2164 and 2214 and their nearby field regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The data are calibrated with a zero point accuracy of +/-0.04 mag in both B and V. The total sample consists of over 8960 stars reaching down to V = 21 mag. The data serve as a base for the study of mass functions and for the comparison with theoretical models. The present CCD data compare very well with photoelectric observations of stars having a range in brightness of between 11.8 and 18.1, inclusive, as well as in color of between -0.17 and 2.17, inclusive, but generally shows systematically varying differences with photographic data. In NGC 2004 and 2164, e.g., the differences vary with brightness in both brightness and color while in NGC 2100, photographic brightness data agree very well with CCD ones up to 15.5 mag but the difference increases rapidly for fainter stars.

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