Bronze icons

Baldev Raj, ; Venkataraman, B. ; Balasubramaniam, R. ; Jeyaraj, V. (2006) Bronze icons Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 59 (6). pp. 883-897. ISSN 0019-493X

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Art objects are scientific marvels which reflect the history, tradition and cultural heritage of a countrv. Investigations on art objects are undertaken for scientific and comprehensive fingerprinting and authenncanon and also to help in restoration/conservation. One of the outstanding art objects of India is the South lndian Bronzes. Famous for their aesthetic beauty, iconometry,iconography, and casting quality of high order, they are standing examples of the fusion of technology with cultural traditions. This paper outlines the lost wax process used for making these bronzes and also the results of the non-destructive analysis earned OUI on more than 100 rare South Indian Bronzes. Radiography revealed the presence of porosities as the major detects while X-ray fluorescence revealed that copper is the major constituent of all icons with additive clements such as Sn. Pb, and Fe present with varying compositions. Microstructural studies revealed the presence of large pores and cavities combined with gray phases and globular particles. Analysis also revealed that the ancient science and technology of casting the icons was rather qualitative, empirical and adhoc with rather small amount of theoretical underpinning.

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