Maturation of a transient outward potassium current in mouse foetal hypothalamic neurons in culture

Sikdar, S. K. ; Legendre, P. ; Dupouy, B. ; Vincent, J. D. (1991) Maturation of a transient outward potassium current in mouse foetal hypothalamic neurons in culture Neuroscience, 43 (2-3). pp. 503-511. ISSN 0306-4522

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The whole-cell voltage clamp technique was used to record potassium currents in mouse fetal hypothalamic neurons developing in culture medium from days 1 to 17. The neurons were derived from fetuses of IOPS/OF1 mice on the 14th day of gestation. The mature neurons (>six days in culture) showed both a transient potassium current and a non-inactivating delayed rectifier potassium current. These were identified pharmacologically by using the potassium channel blockers tetraethyl ammonium chloride and 4-aminopyridine, and on the basis of their kinetics and voltage sensitivities. The delayed rectifier potassium current had a threshold of -20 mV, a slow time-course of activation, and was sustained during the voltage pulse. The 4-aminopyridine-sensitive current was transient, and was activated from a holding potential more negative (-80 mV) than that required for evoking the delayed rectifier potassium current (-40 mV). The delayed rectifier potassium current was detectable from day 1 onwards, while the transient potassium current showed a distinct developmental trend. The time-constant of inactivation became faster with age in culture. The half steady-state inactivation potential showed a shift towards less negative membrane potentials with age, and the relationship was best described by a logarithmic regression equation. The developmental trend of the transient potassium current may relate functionally to the progressive morphological changes, and the appearance of synaptic connections during ontogenesis.

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