U-shaped type II solar radio bursts associated with the 1980 March 28 flare

Markeev, A. K. ; Formichev, V. V. ; Chertok, I. M. ; Bhatnagar, A. ; Jain, R. M. ; Shelke, R. N. ; Bhonsle, R. V. (1983) U-shaped type II solar radio bursts associated with the 1980 March 28 flare Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 11 . pp. 318-326. ISSN 0304-9523

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Observations of the 1980 March 28, 2B flare in optical, radio microwave and metric and X-ray wavelengths are presented. In the dynamic radio spectrum, unusual and rare U-shaped type II radio bursts associated with this flare have been observed. The normal type II bursts display negative frequency drift, due to the flare-triggered shock wave travelling outwards in the solar corona. But in this case the type II emission first showed the usual negative frequency drift, and then after reaching a plateau level, showed a positive drift, thus giving the shape of an inverted "U". The authors propose a model for this type II emission.We suggest that the shock wave generated by the flare or the flare spray propagates through sucting and repeated reflections, which takes place within a large scale coronal loop or an arcade of loops, thus resulting in reverse frequency drift in type II emission.

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Keywords:Solar Flare; Spray; Surge; U-shaped Type II Burst; Dynamic Radio Spectrum
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