Studies on some aspects of the solar H-alpha flares of different visual features

Chakravorti, T. ; Das, T. K. ; Das Gupta, M. K. (1985) Studies on some aspects of the solar H-alpha flares of different visual features Astronomical Institutes of Czechoslovakia, Bulletin, 36 (2). pp. 122-127. ISSN 0004-6248

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The visual features of the four types of solar H-alpha radio flares were studied in relation to the occurrence of radio bursts, sunspots, and the distribution of flares on the solar disk. Flare types A and T were the most frequent and infrequent types of flares, respectively. Flare types K and U were found to be more durable than K and L types, but K and L types had greater rise times in comparison with the other types of flares. The distribution of A-type flares corresponded to the location of sunspots of the alphap configuration having magnetic fields of 500-200 G. The distribution of the remaining flare types was associated with sunspots in the Alphap, Betap, and Beta and Delta configurations with magnetic field strengths in the range 1000-2000 G. In general, flare types J, K, and U were comparatively burst productive, while G-type bursts were not. Curves showing the cumulative percentage occurrence of the different types of flares are provided.

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Keywords:H Alpha Line; Solar Flares; Field Strength; Histograms; Solar Radio Bursts; Sunspots
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