On the half-life of 44Ti by results in meteorites

Bonino, G. ; Castagnoli, G. C. ; Taricco, C. ; Bhandari, N. (1997) On the half-life of 44Ti by results in meteorites Nuovo Cimento C, 20 (6). pp. 955-959. ISSN 1124-1896

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Measurements of the 44Ti half-life display a large spread ranging from 46.4 to 66.6 years. The activity of this radioisotope measured in eight meteorites (chondrites) that fell in the time interval 1883-1992 and calculated at the time of fall by the different values of T½ shows that the shorter values are not reliable, if it is assumed that the average cosmic-ray intensity has remained the same during the past two centuries. The low activity of the cosmogenic isotope 44Ti has been determined by means of a selective Ge-NaI (Tl) γ-spectrometer with a very low background. The high stability of this system allows long-lasting runs (≡107 s), in order to achieve the standard deviation of counting up to 10%.

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