The Torino, H6, meteorite shower

Bhandari, N. ; Bonino, G. ; Callegari, E. ; Cini Castagnoli, G. ; Mathew, K. J. ; Padia, J. T. ; Queirazza, G. (1989) The Torino, H6, meteorite shower Meteoritics, 24 . pp. 29-34. ISSN 0026-1114

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A meteorite shower fell at Torino, Italy on May 18, 1988. Petrographic studies indicate that the stone is an H6 chondrite having features of moderate to severe shock. Chemical analyses of the meteorite are reported. Cosmic ray produced 3He, 21Ne and 126Xe yield an exposure age of about 48 Ma. The cosmic ray track densities in three fragments range between 1.8 to 5 × 105 cm2 suggesting about 99% mass ablation in the atmosphere. Twelve radioisotopes with half lives ranging between 5.6 days to 7.3 × 105 years have been measured with high precision. Marginal signals were observed for several short-lived nuclides and upper limits were obtained for the activity levels of eight radionuclides, some of which have not been hitherto detected in fresh falls. The data are generally consistent with the nuclide production by galactic cosmic rays when modulation due to the solar cycle is taken into consideration.

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