Radiometric chronology of Neh-Nar Glacier, Kashmir

Nijampurkar, V. N. ; Bhandari, N. ; Vohra, C. P. ; Krishnan, V. (1982) Radiometric chronology of Neh-Nar Glacier, Kashmir Journal of Glaciology, 28 (98). pp. 91-105. ISSN 0022-1430

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Surface and core samples of Neh-nar Glacier in the Kashmir Valley have been analysed for the radionuclides 32Si, 2lOpb, 40K, and 137Cs. The lateral and vertical profiles (at an altitude of about 4 140 m) reveal: ( I ) 32Si activity decreasing slowly from the accumulation zone to 4 050 m altitude and then abruptly towards the snout. (2) Five zones of alternating high and low 2lOPb activity in the surface samples. (3) An horizon at between 2 and 3 m depth containing 210Pb activity above natural levels. This horizon is also associated with 1l7Cs and a maximum in total β activity. The ice sam.les have been dated on the basis of a simplified two-component model, the "fresh" contribution determined by 21OPb and the old component by 32Si. The following conclusions can be drawn from these observations: (I) The model age of the snout ice is c. 850 years. (2) The average rate of ice movement in the lower glacier is about 2 m/year, which compares well with the annual movement rate of 2.65 m/year observed since 1974.

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