A novel zwitterionic ortho-metallated ruthenium(II) phenolate

Bag, Nilkamal ; Choudhury, Suranjan Bhanja ; Lahiri, Goutam Kumar ; Chakravorty, Animesh (1990) A novel zwitterionic ortho-metallated ruthenium(II) phenolate Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (22). pp. 1626-1627. ISSN 1472-7773

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Decarbonylative metallation of the dialdehyde 2b by [Ru(PPh3)3Cl2] affords the unusual complex [Ru(MeL)(CO)(PPh3)2(Cl)]4 which has been characterised by X-ray crystallography and in which the RuIIP2C2ClO coordination unit bears a single net negative charge; the Ru(MeL)(3, R = Me) fragment incorporates a four-membered C,O-chelated phenolato function with a neighbouring monoprotonated azomethine moiety.

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