Associations between quasi-stellar objects and galaxies

Burbidge, G. ; Hewitt, A. ; Narlikar, J. V. ; Das Gupta, P. (1990) Associations between quasi-stellar objects and galaxies Astrophysical Journal, The Supplement Series, 74 . pp. 675-730. ISSN 0067-0049

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A table is presented here listing all close pairs of QSOs and galaxies that were found in a computer-aided search of catalogs of QSOs and bright galaxies and an extensive search of the literature. There is a large excess of pairs with separations of 2 arcmin lor less, or about 60 kpc, over the numbers expected if the configurations were accidental. The angular separation for 392 pairs adds to the evidence for physical association, and it is shown that selection effects are not important. A general rule is stated that QSOs tend to lie in the vicinity of normal galaxies much more often than is expected by chance whether or not the galaxies and the QSOs have the same redshifts. It is emphasized that this rule cannot be explained in terms of gravitational microlensing, and it is concluded that some part of the redshift of all classes of active nuclei is not associated with the expansion of the universe.

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