On the behavior of radiation near massive bodies

Faulkner, J. ; Hoyle, F. ; Narlikar, J. V. (1964) On the behavior of radiation near massive bodies The Astrophysical Journal, 140 . p. 1100. ISSN 0004-637X

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The problem of communication between an observe on the surface of a massive body and an external Schwarzschild observe is examined. It is shown that when the body is freely imploding a singal from the external observe never reaches the surface provided the Schwarzschild coordinare of the external observer exceeds a critical value depending on the mass and radius of the body. The signals that reach the surface are redshifted. Time reversal of the solution then shows that radiation from an exploding massive body will be blueshifted when it reaches an external observer. This effect may supply the explanation for the origin of high-energy particles and quanta.

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