Sulphur compounds in comets

Krishna-Swamy, K. S. ; Wallis, M. K. (1986) Sulphur compounds in comets Proceedings of an International Symposium on New Insights in Astrophysics . pp. 133-136.

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The bands of S2 have been identified in IUE spectra of several comets covering a wide range in heliocentric distances. S2 was present in comets Cernis and Bowell at 3.4 AU and in comet Halley even from early December 1985 when it was at 1.5 AU. Its presence in 2900 - 3000 Å casts doubts on assessments of dust properties from scattered solar light. The authors have also tentatively identified bands of the B-X systems of the SO molecule in IRAS-Araki-Alcock in the 2200 - 2400 Å region. These bands appear to be present too in comets Borrelly, Stephan-Oterma and Meier. Emissions of S+ and perhaps SH are evident in the spectra of comet Halley of March 1986.

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