X-ray emission from the flare star binary Gliese 867A

Agrawal, P. C. (1988) X-ray emission from the flare star binary Gliese 867A Astronomy and Astrophysics, 204 (1-2). pp. 235-238. ISSN 0004-6361

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Coronal X-ray emission from the BY Draconis type dMe flare star G867 A was observed on three successive days in May 1980 with the Imaging Proportional Counter on the Einstein Observatory. A 40-percent decrease in the quiescent state X-ray intensity of the star was detected over a three-day period. It is suggested that this slow quiescent state X-ray intensity variation may be the X-ray analogue of the BY Draconis variability observed in the optical band and may be explained by the star spot model. The energy spectra of the star were obtained for the three days and are best fitted by a two-temperature Raymond-Smith thermal model. There is some indication of spectral variations in the low temperature component. Implications of these results are briefly discussed.

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