On the applicability of fragmentation methods to conjugated π systems within density functional framework

Yeole, Sachin D. ; Gadre, Shridhar R. (2010) On the applicability of fragmentation methods to conjugated π systems within density functional framework The Journal of Chemical Physics, 132 (9). 094102_1-094102_8. ISSN 0021-9606

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For the accurate ab initio treatment of large molecular systems, linear scaling methods (LSMs) have been devised and successfully applied to covalently bonded systems as well as to those involving weak intra/intermolecular bonds. Very few attempts to apply LSM to highly conjugated molecules, especially to two-dimensional systems, have so far been reported in the literature. The present article examines the applicability of a LSM, viz., molecular tailoring approach (MTA), to π-conjugated systems within density functional theory. A few test cases within second order Møller-Plesset framework are also reported. MTA is applied to some one-dimensional π-conjugated molecules, for which the difference between MTA energy and actual energy is found out to be less than 1 mhartree and also reduced computation time as well as hardware requirements. The method is also extended to some small/medium-sized two-dimensional π-conjugated molecules by developing a systematic algorithm for tailoring such systems. However, for such systems, although the energies are in error by a few millihartrees, gradients are found to match reasonably well their actual counterparts. Hence, geometry optimization of these systems within MTA framework is attempted. The geometries thus generated are found to be in good agreement with their actual counterparts, with the actual single point energies matching within 1 mhartree, along with reduced computational effort. These results point toward the potential applicability of MTA to large two- and three-dimensional π-conjugated systems.

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