Crystal and molecular structure of 6,7-benzo-3,4 (1,4-dimethoxy-2,3-naphtho)-1,5-dioxosuberane

Holt, Elizabeth M. ; Joshi, Balawant S. ; Jiang, Qingping ; William Pelletier, S. (1995) Crystal and molecular structure of 6,7-benzo-3,4 (1,4-dimethoxy-2,3-naphtho)-1,5-dioxosuberane Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 25 (7). pp. 379-382. ISSN 1074-1542

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The crystal and molecular structure of the title compound (2) C21H16O4 has been determined by an X-ray analysis, by direct methods from diffractometer data and refined by full-matrix least squares. The compound (2) crystallizes in the space group P21/a, with cell parameters: a = 36.432(5), b = 5.512(3), c = 8.269(5) Å, β= 108.0(3)°, z = 4, Dc = 1.397 g/cm−3,R = 7.8 for 1136 observed reflections. The conformation of the tetracyclic ring system shows a folding of two planar parts of the carbon skeleton about an axis passing thorough C8 and C16 of the seven membered ring C.

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Keywords:Benzonaphthodioxosuberane; Crystal Structure; Radermachol
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