Histome - a relational knowledgebase of human histone proteins and histone modifying enzymes

Khare, Satyajeet P. ; Habib, Farhat ; Sharma, Rahul ; Gadewal, Nikhil ; Gupta, Sanjay ; Galande, Sanjeev (2011) Histome - a relational knowledgebase of human histone proteins and histone modifying enzymes Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (D1). D337-D342. ISSN 0305-1048

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Histones are abundant nuclear proteins that are essential for the packaging of eukaryotic DNA into chromosomes. Different histone variants, in combination with their modification 'code', control regulation of gene expression in diverse cellular processes. Several enzymes that catalyze the addition and removal of multiple histone modifications have been discovered in the past decade, enabling investigations of their role(s) in normal cellular processes and diverse pathological conditions. This sudden influx of data, however, has resulted in need of an updated knowledgebase that compiles, organizes and presents curated scientific information to the user in an easily accessible format. Here, we present HIstome, a browsable, manually curated, relational database that provides information about human histone proteins, their sites of modifications, variants and modifying enzymes. HIstome is a knowledgebase of 55 human histone proteins, 106 distinct sites of their post-translational modifications (PTMs) and 152 histone-modifying enzymes. Entries have been grouped into 5 types of histones, 8 types of post-translational modifications and 14 types of enzymes that catalyze addition and removal of these modifications. The resource will be useful for epigeneticists, pharmacologists and clinicians.

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