Expression of GABA in the fetal, postnatal, and adult human retinas: an immunohistochemical study

Nag, T. C. ; Wadhwa, S. (1997) Expression of GABA in the fetal, postnatal, and adult human retinas: an immunohistochemical study Visual Neuroscience, 14 (3). pp. 425-432. ISSN 0952-5238

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The expression of GABA in the human fetal (12-25 weeks of gestation), postnatal (five-month-old), and adult (35-year-old) retinas was investigated by immunohistochemistry. GABA expression was seen as early as 12 weeks in the undifferentiated cells of the inner neuroblast zone; a few optic nerve fiber layer axons were clearly labeled, suggesting that some of the stained cell bodies were prospective ganglion cells, others could be displaced amacrine cells. From 16-17 to 24-25 weeks, intense labeling was found in the amacrine, displaced amacrine, and some ganglion cells. During this time period, horizontal cells (identified by calbindin immunohistochemistry), undergoing migration (periphery) and differentiation (center), expressed GABA prominently. In the postnatal retina, some horizontal cells were moderately labeled, but very weakly in a few cells, in the adult. The Muller cells developed immunoreactivity first weakly at 12 weeks and then moderately from 16-17 weeks onward. The staining was also evident in the postnatal and adult retinas, showing labeled processes of these glial cells. Virtually no axons in the adult optic nerve and nerve fiber layer were stained; the staining was restricted to a few, large ganglion cells and displaced amacrine cells. Some amacrines were also labeled. The possibility that GABA might play a role in horizontal cell differentiation and maturation is highlighted. Other evidences suggest that GABA might play a role in metabolism during retinal development.

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