Engineering behavior of uplifted Smectite-rich Cochin and Mangalore marine clays

Rao, Sudhakar M. ; Sridharan, A. ; Chandrakaran, S. (1990) Engineering behavior of uplifted Smectite-rich Cochin and Mangalore marine clays Marine Georesources & Geotechnology, 9 (4). pp. 243-259. ISSN 1064-119X

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The present study aims to assess whether the smectite-rich Cochin and Mangalore clays, which were deposited in a marine medium and subsequently uplifted, exhibit consistency limits response typical of expanding lattice or nonexpanding (fixed) lattice-type clays on artificially changing the chemical environment. The chemical and engineering behaviors of Cochin and Mangalore marine clays are also compared with those of the smectite-rich Ariake Bay marine clay from Japan. Although Cochin, Mangalore, and Ariake clays contain comparable amounts of smectite (32-45%), Ariake clay exhibits lower consistency limits and much higher ranges of liquidity indices than the Indian marine clays. The lower consistency limits of the Ariake clay are attributed to the absence of well-developed, long-range, interparticle forces associated with the clay. Also, Ariake clay exhibits a significantly large (48-714 times) decrease in undrained strength on remolding in comparison to Cochin and Mangalore clays (sensitivity ranges between 1 and 4). A preponderance of long-range, interparticle forces reflected in the high consistency limits of Cochin and Mangalore clays (wL range from 75 to 180%) combined with low natural water contents yield low liquidity indices (typically <1) and high, remolded, undrained strengths and are considered to be responsible for the low sensitivity of the Indian marine clays.

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Keywords:Atterberg Limits; Chemical Properties; Clays; Fabric of Soils; Mineralogy; Offshore Geotechnics; Soil Properties
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