Opisthodorylairnus N. gen., and some new and known species of Dorylaimoidea (Nematoda) from India

Ahmad, Wasim ; Shamim Jairajpuri, M. (1982) Opisthodorylairnus N. gen., and some new and known species of Dorylaimoidea (Nematoda) from India Revue de Nematologie, 5 (2). pp. 261-275. ISSN 0183-9187

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A new genus Opisthodorylaimus closely related to Thornenema Andrassy, 1959 and Mesodorylaimus Andrhssy, 1959 is proposed, along with the description of three new species, viz., O. maqsoodi n. sp. (type), O. caudatus n. sp., and O. chamoliensis n. sp. It differs from Thornenema in having an unsclerotized lip region and a broad odontostyle, while from Mesodorylaimus it differs in having an opisthomonodelphic reproductive system as well as a broad odontostyle. Jairajpuria oryzae n. sp. differs from J. shamimi Baqri & Jana, 1980 in the shape of lip region, posteriorly situated vulva, unsclerotized vagina and in the absence of a sphincter at the oviduct-uterus junction. Dorylaimus siddiqii n. sp. is close to D. thornei AndrBssy, 1969, but differs in having a shorter and narrower body, differently shaped lip region, smaller and narrower odontostyle and ina bthsen ce of vulval papillae. Calodorylaimus indicus n. sp. differs from C. octo Andrassy, 1969 in having a smaller body, shorter odontostyle, longer oesophagus, posterior vulva and smaller spicules and tail. The male of Thornenema cavalcantii is redescribed. Laimydorus pseudostagnalis and Afrodorylaimus geniculatusa re reportedf or the first time from India.

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