Studies on some ternary oxides of AVO3 Composition

Palanisamy, T. ; Gopalakrishnan, J. ; Sastri, M. V. C. (1975) Studies on some ternary oxides of AVO3 Composition Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie, 415 (3). pp. 275-284. ISSN 0044-2313

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AVO3 (A = Ba2+, Sr2+, La3+, Gd3+) oxides have been prepared by hydrogen reduction of suitable vanadium(V) ternary oxides. The oxidation state of vanadium in the reduction products seems to be controlled by the nature of other cations. In the presence of strongly basic alkaline-earth metal ions, Ba2+ and Sr2+ as in Ba2V2O7 and Sr2V2O7, vanadium is reduced to +4 state. But when A is a trivalent lanthanide ion as in LnVO4 (Ln = La or Gd), the reduction of vanadium proceeds to +3 state to yield LnVO3 phases. The products have been characterized by X-ray diffraction. BaVO3 crystallizes in a hexagonal structure related to Ba3V2O8 while SrVO3, LaVO3 and GdVO3 crystallize in GdFeO3 type structure. Electrical transport measurements indicate that BaVO3, LaVO3 and GdVO3are p-type semiconductors while SrVO3 is metallic.

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