X-ray powder diffraction study of LiLnTiO4 (Ln = La, Nd): a new lithium-ion conductor

Thangadurai, V. ; Shukla, Arun ; Gopalakrishnan, J. ; Joubert, O. ; Brohan, L. ; Tournoux, M. (2000) X-ray powder diffraction study of LiLnTiO4 (Ln = La, Nd): a new lithium-ion conductor Materials Science Forum, 321-324 (6). pp. 965-970. ISSN 0255-5476

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We report the synthesis, structure and ionic conductivity of new layered perovskite oxides of the formula LiLnTiO4 (Ln=La, Nd). These oxides were synthesized from their sodium analogues, NaLnTiO4, by ion-exchange using molten LiNO3. Determination of crystal structure by Rietveld analysis of powder X-ray diffraction data reveals that LiLnTiO4 compounds crystallize in a tetragonal structure, P4/nmm space-group (a=3.7700(2) Å, c=12.076(1) Å for La compound; a=3.7465(3) Å, c=11.895(5) Å for Nd compound), related to the parent NaLnTiO4. While the Na atoms in NaLnTiO4 are 9-coordinated as in the K2NiF4 structure, the Li atoms in LiLnTiO4 are 4-coordinated (tetrahedral); other structural features of NaLnTiO4 are retained in LiLnTiO4. LiLnTiO4 oxides show moderate lithium-ion conductivity (s = 10-4-10-5 S.cm-1 at 780°C) that is higher by about two orders of magnitude than that of Li2La2Ti3O10.

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Keywords:Rietveld Refinement; Ionic Conductivity
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