A determination of electroweak parameters from Z0→μ+μ(γ)

Adeva, B. ; Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; Gurtu, A. ; et., al (1990) A determination of electroweak parameters from Z0→μ+μ(γ) Physics Letters B, 247 (2-3). pp. 473-480. ISSN 0370-2693

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We have measured the partial width and forward-backward charge asymmetry for the reaction e+e-→Z0→Z0→μ+μ(γ). We obtain a partial width γμμ of 83.3±1.3(stat)±0.9(sys) MeV and the following values for the vector and axial vector couplings: gv=−0.062−0.015+0.020 and gA=−0.497−0.005+0.005. From our measurement of the partial width and the mass of the Z0 boson we determine the effective electroweak mixing angle, sin2θ̅w=0.232±0.005, and the neutral current coupling strength parameter, ϱ=0.998±0.016.

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