Measurement of D-s→τ-ν̅τ and a new limit for B- →τν̅τ

Acciarri, M. ; Adriani, O. ; Aguilar-Benitez, M. ; Gurtu, A. ; et., al (1997) Measurement of D-s→τ-ν̅τ and a new limit for B- →τν̅τ Physics Letters B, 396 (1-4). pp. 327-337. ISSN 0370-2693

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Using a data sample of 1 475 000 Z → qq̅(γ) events collected during 1994 with the L3 detector at LEP, we have studied the purely leptonic decays of heavy flavour mesons, Ds→τν̅τ and a new limit for B →τν̅τ. A signal is observed in the invariant mass distribution M(γDs) corresponding to the decay sequence D∗−→γDs, Ds→τν̅τ, ττ, τ →lν→1ντ. The branching fraction for Ds→τν̅τ decays is measured to be β(s→τν̅Τ) = 0.074 ± 0.028(stat) ± 0.016(syst) ±0.018(norm0. No signal of B→τν̅τ decays is observed in the data, corresponding to an upper limit on the branching franction β (B→τν̅τ) < 5.7 x 10-4 at 90% CL.

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